Vehicular Homicide & First Degree Negligent Injuring

The Most Serious DUI Charges in Louisiana

DUI accidents that result in death and serious injury are the most serious DUI charges. These crimes are vehicular homicide and first-degree negligent injury, respectively.  If you were driving with a BAC over .08 or if you were impaired by illegal or prescription medication when you caused an accident, you face hefty fines and a lengthy prison sentence.

Vehicular homicide and first-degree negligent injury most often pertain to car accidents, but it’s important to remember that operating other vehicles also puts a person at risk of a conviction. Boats, for example, are considered motor vehicles in Louisiana. Thus, boating accidents caused by an intoxicated operator can also result in these serious criminal charges.

Whether the accident resulted in the death of another or serious injuries, you MUST have a highly trained DUI defense attorney on your side to have any chance of defeating the charges. Unlike other crimes, a lack of intent to cause harm will not save you from a conviction. Being intoxicated and causing an accident are the only elements that the prosecutor needs to prove. Civil lawsuits against you are also possible; even if you were involved in a DUI accident with no injuries. Our attorney Robert McMillin, will closely examine your case to find procedural errors and any other defense available to you to help save your freedom.

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First Degree Negligent Injury

First Degree Negligent Injury is a felony under Louisiana Revised Statute 14:39.2 and is defined as the causing of a severe injury to a human being, caused by the operation of a motor vehicle, while guilty of DWI, as defined by the DWI statute. Penalties are severe and may result in imprisonment for up to five years.

Penalties for Vehicular Negligent Injuring:

  • Up to $2,000 in fines fine
  • Jail time, with or without hard labor, for up to 5 years

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