Illegal Vehicle Searches

Your Rights Concerning a Vehicle Search During a Suspected DUI Stop

Getting arrested for a DWI in Louisiana has many severe consequences. If the police find illegal substances, an open container or any other contraband in your car during a search, the punishment worsens. Not all vehicle searches are lawful, however, and evidence from unjustified searches can be thrown out of court.

Don’t let an illegal search put you at risk for unconstitutional jail time or fines. Contact the criminal defense attorney at McMillin Law to begin the fight for your rights.

What are the Exceptions to the Vehicle Search Laws in Louisiana?

The police are allowed to arrest you for any evidence they find in “plain view.” Thus, if you are pulled over for a DUI stop or at a DUI checkpoint, any illegal substance or contraband they find that was easily visible can be presented to the judge and jury.

Don’t try to fight the complex search statutes by yourself. Call now at (985) 315-3988 to avoid the possible prison time, fines, and license suspension following a DUI arrest with a vehicle search.

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