Repercussions Of Getting A DUI In College

A conviction for drinking and driving will negatively impact anyone’s life, but it can be particularly devastating for college students. An underage DUI or even a DUI when a student is 21 or older can affect college acceptance, scholarships, athletic team participation and future job opportunities.

With Mardi Gras and frequent spring break trips to New Orleans, Louisiana sees more DUI charges than many states for both in-state and out-of-state college students. If you or your son or daughter is facing a DUI charge in Louisiana, it’s important to call DUI defense lawyers like Bates and McMillin as quickly as possible.

The 5 Biggest Consequences for Underage DUI and College Student DUI Convictions

Fines and jail time are the penalties that everyone fears if they face a DUI conviction. College students, however, have significantly more consequences should they face a conviction for drinking and driving. Here are the top 5 concerns students and parents should worry about if a DUI arrest occurs in Louisiana:

1. A DUI can have huge financial consequences for students and their parents.

Aside from fines, college students caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have serious financial repercussions. Students may lose scholarships, financial aid and grants if a conviction occurs. Additionally, students may also lose housing on-campus and may need to pay for an off-campus apartment if the student is convicted.

2. A DUI for college athletes can ruin their athletic career.

Depending on the school and the severity of the offense, a DUI can ruin a college athlete’s career. Colleges and universities vary in their policies, but a drunk driving conviction in college could cause a college athlete to be suspended from key games or even thrown off the team. Aside from possibly missing the opportunity to be recruited by a professional team, a DUI could also cause a college student to lose their athletic scholarship, thus, making college impossible to continue.

3. A DUI denies college students military opportunities.

Many students pursue ROTC programs in college and hope to attend officer training school upon graduation. Not only can getting a DUI in college cause you to be kicked out of the ROTC program, but since the military takes DUI convictions seriously, you may be denied from training school or the military altogether.

4. A DUI may limit a college student’s graduate school and professional opportunities.

A college DUI won’t disappear once you graduate. You are required to disclose your DUI on applications to graduate school or other types of higher education. Schools for law, nursing, medical, or pharmacy may use this information to deny you admission.

In terms of professional credentialing or licensure in fields such as law, nursing, teaching, medical or piloting, even if you get into the education program you want, you may still find it difficult to obtain a professional license in Louisiana and throughout the US. Without a license or credential, you won’t be able to get the job you want.

Many employers also run a background check on potential employees. Even if you’re never told this information, an employer may choose to hire a different candidate because of your DUI conviction.

5. Additional penalties for a DUI will be decided by the university or college.

The uncertainty of getting a DUI in college can also be very troubling. Louisiana schools such as Xavier University, Southern University at New Orleans, Tulane University, LSU and Loyola University state that students who receive a DUI will be subject to disciplinary action from the school. Depending on what the designated board decides, a student may face minor but unpleasant consequences such as the inability to attend campus events or participate in a fraternity or sorority. On a more serious level, students may face academic probation, suspension and expulsion.

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